Electronic Tax Refund System(ETRS)
What is eTRS?
Construction Background
What is eTRS?
What is eTRS?
ETRS (Electronic Tax Refund System)
The ETRS (electronic tax refund system) simplifies and computerizes overall tax refund procedures thereby linking and expanding between the existing Off Line-oriented system (application for tax refund, confirmation of stamping at customs and tax refund procedures) and On-Off Line.
The benefits of the Electronic Tax Refund System(ETRS)
ETRS provides convenience for shopping tour by avoiding inconvenience such as filling in refund application form, loss of ETRS ticket, omission of refund application
ETRS provides convenience such as checking refund transaction history and automatic printing of tax return form through internet system.
ETRS increases the efficiency of the refund service like collecting shopping data for tourists and preventing the omission of the electronic transaction.